Essential Oils at Health Hero Pharmacy

Health Hero Pharmacy is happy to be able to offer essential oils from Plant Therapy. This essential oils manufacturer provides test reports for all of its products, so you can be sure you’re getting pure, high-quality oils with each purchase.

Consider some of the following benefits of Plant Therapy oils:

  • They offer oils with USDA Organic Certification, meaning they are free from pesticides and made with the conservation of natural resources in mind.

  • Testing is completed via a third party, so you can trust the results.

  • Oils are certified by Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), meaning ingredients, production practices, and packaging conform to the highest standards.

  • Products are never tested on animals.

  • The company is an EPA Green Power Partner and participates in philanthropy efforts like COVID-19 relief.

Available Products

Plant Therapy sells 100% pure essential oils, carrier oils, and CBD oil. All are produced with flawless oils, and anything that does not pass quality tests is sent back. The company is committed to safety, and they offer kid-safe oil blends, as well as downloadable educational information on essential oil use.

Some of the following products are available via Plant Therapy:

  • Single oils, including sandalwood, bergamot, blood orange, cinnamon, frankincense, and lavender

  • Blends, such as a Rainy Days Blend, which includes lemon, coriander, ho wood, orange essence, copaiba oleoresin, fir needle, and amyris

Plant Therapy Essential oils have a variety of uses, and each oil comes with its own benefits. People apply oils topically with a carrier oil or inhale them via a diffuser to enjoy these benefits. They may be used to alleviate skin issues or joint pain, or simply for their relaxing aroma. You can learn more about essential oils by viewing the company’s downloadable educational material.