Is Bone Loss an Inevitable Part of Aging? How To Increase Bone Density Naturally!

Healthy Bones Matter!

Your bones are the pillars which support your body and allow you to move around. Furthermore, they are also responsible for protecting your organs, such as your brain and heart, from sustaining any injury. Due to this, you should make sure that you are not suffering from bone loss

A common misconception surrounding bone health and structure is that the none density directly indicates that they are strong.

However, that is not the case. The interior bone structure comprises a honeycomb design with tiny holes that keep the bones light and springy. So bone mass is just one aspect of bones being strong or not.

Keeping this in mind, bone density is a prevalent issue. How it works is that your bones go through constant change, which involves the old bones being broken down and replaced with new ones.

Your bone mass is also important; the production rate of new bones is fast when you are young, increasing bone mass.

Many studies have suggested that people reach their peak bone mass around 30. Although the breakdown and replacement process continues within your bone structure, reaching this age causes you to lose more bone mass then you gain after the replacement.

When this occurs, your bone density starts to lower with time, and a lower bone density results in several setbacks, such as your bones become more brittle and a decrease in your overall height, to name a few.

The sooner you start keeping your bones healthy, the better off you will be. So what can you do to keep your bones strong?

The main aspect you should focus on when trying to have a good bone density and keep your bones healthy, which is achieved by keeping a healthy lifestyle.

Observing positive lifestyle practices and developing healthy habits is key to keeping your bones strong and healthy. One such habit to incorporate into your life is to stay away from smoking or stop if you are a smoker. These lifestyle choices are important as smoking causes a loss of bone density.

Many research studies suggest that tobacco is one of the leading causes of weak bones. This is because it increases the chances of developing bone loss and increases the likelihood of suffering from fractures with time by preventing estrogen from functioning correctly.

Furthermore, reducing alcohol consumption is also recommended to keep your bones healthy because it can increase your chances of developing bone loss.

In addition to that, you should integrate exercise into your routine, as it greatly helps in strengthening your bones as well, on a cellular level. Exercising regularly can stimulate your cells, encouraging bone-building within your body.

Another way you can change your lifestyle for healthy bone growth is by following a balanced diet rich in proteins, calcium, and vitamin D.

And speaking of supplements, I’d like to talk about one of my newer ones – OsteoProtect.

After extensive research and testing, the formula for OsteoProtect was developed, designed to encourage high bone health density.

OsteoProtect contains many minerals, including calcium and magnesium, which promote and upgrade your capabilities regarding bioavailability.

Furthermore, OsteoProtect also contains vitamins and specific nutrients necessary for stronger bone health, increasing your skeletal strength.


These plant-based compounds are molecularly similar to estrogen, which is beneficial for your bones because they can act as balanced hormones providing the same function as estrogen and strengthening your bone formation.

Furthermore, extensive research on Ipriflavone has been conducted, which shows signs of supporting vital bone function and strength in humans.

Vitamin K1 (Phytonedione) and Vitamin K2 (Menaquinone)

The main purpose of vitamin K is to perform synthesis on osteocalcin, a protein involved in providing the bone tissue with a constant supply of calcium.

Furthermore, another great benefit of this vitamin is that it helps maintain bone formation and reinforces your bone strength.


This specific mineral included in the formula for OsteoProtect is essential to strong bone formation, so much so that around 50% of the magnesium within your body is in the bones.

Furthermore, magnesium also has other benefits when it comes to positive bone health, such as an increased rate of calcium absorption as well.


There have been a great number of research studies which point to evidence. This includes that the improvement of boron levels in your body can also support your skeletal strength.


The primary purpose of this mineral is that it contributes to the mineralization of the bone structure. This is beneficial for improving the quality of the bone tissue contained in your body.

Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol)

Also known as the steroid vitamin, vitamin D3 promotes healthy bone growth, improving the absorption rate of calcium within the GI tract.

In addition, a study was conducted in 2013, which showed signs of improving bone health within all individuals who showed increased levels of vitamin D.

If You Don’t Take Care of Your Bones, You Could Develop Osteopenia or Osteoporosis


This medical condition is the loss of bone mineral density.

also known as BMD,  this is a major factor that contributes to your bone mass.

A lack of BMD is a major indication that your bones are receiving fewer minerals in your body. This negatively impacts your bone strength and making them weaker.


A setback of low bone density is that it causes holes within your bones to widen and the outer walls to thin. This results in weak and brittle bones, which can make you more susceptible to fractures.

Prevalent in people of all ages, one of the first signs of Osteoporosis is a broken hip, spine or wrist bone.

Bone Loss: A Summary

Bone health can become an increasingly worrying concern as time goes by.

This is why medical professionals recommend that you should consult a doctor when facing with symptoms similar to Osteoporosis.

Furthermore, you can incorporate many lifestyle changes into your daily routine to slow down the aging process. Furthermore, this can also help you considerably slow down the rate of bone loss as well. These changes to your life include not smoking and reduction of alcohol consumption as well.

If you still feel like further enhancing your bone health, try Dr Nandi’s ​​OsteoProtect supplement ( best supplement for osteopenia ), which:

  • Encourages healthy bone density
  • Strengthens skeletal structure for better bone health
  • Enhances bone remodeling capabilities.