Our Soil: Depleted of Nutrients! What to Do


Plant life is essential for sustaining the ecosystem. Various animals thrive by eating plants, carnivores feed on these animals, and so on. They also act as an essential source of vitamins and other nutrients.

Agricultural development has transformed the planet and altered the soil’s nutrient cycle as well. Fruits and vegetables grown years ago were much richer in vitamins and minerals as compared to them today.

Soil Depletion- Diet and Nutrients

A study on nutrient data by the Kushi institute showed that average calcium levels dropped by 27% throughout the years.

The main reason for this drastic drop in nutrition is soil depletion. Considered to be an important source of nutrients for our food and medicine supply, the soil has important for human health.

However, excessive farming is depleting this soil faster than nutrients can be replenished.

Another study by PubMed Central highlighted the effects of soil on human health. One of the conclusions stated that 14 elements essential for plant growth come from the soil. By extenstion, these are also essential to human health.

Due to this, it is the responsibility of the soil to provide plants with proper nutrients for sufficient growth. This is why we recommend best multivitamin for men and women to help them regain nutrients lost in soil depletion.

Although nutrients are good for your health, a deficiency of in the soil can be a common cause of health issues.


  • Iodine deficiency is a common problem and is one of the most preventable causes of brain damage. Additionally, other side effects of this deficiency include hypothyroidism and stillbirths. These deficiencies usually stem from the soil, where the crops don’t get enough iodine for crops to grow.


  • Iron deficiency is a common cause of anemia, and more than two billion people suffer from iron deficiency. A reason for iron-deficient soil can be minor iron concentrations in plants and the humans who consume them. It is especially prevalent in arid soils.


  • Although critical for thyroid function and immunity, suboptimal amounts of selenium can lead to a greater risk of cancer and heart disease. Selenium toxicity can occur in soil that has large concentrations of selenium. If left untreated, it could lead to gastrointestinal problems and nerve damage as well.


  • It’s essential for enzyme development and cellular and tissue growth. Hence, a deficiency of this micronutrient can negatively affect the healing of wounds, taste, and smell as well.

Nutrients in The American Diet

Studies by the United States Department of Agriculture state that the average American diet lacks various micronutrients. Hence, it contributes to many causes for nutritional deficiencies. It is very important for men and women to have good options in multivitamins to regain the lost nutritional value

These deficiencies are due to processed foods Americans consume on a daily basis, medication, and alcohol consumption.


These multivitamin supplements are essential to fulfill nutritional requirements that you can’t meet with just dietary sources. Multivitamins contain different vitamins and minerals and there are a few reasons one should take them. Women also need good multivitamins as much as men, so that aspect should not be negated.

Doctors normally prescribe them to people with a limited diet or poor appetite. They also help improve health in patients suffering from conditions that hinder patients’ ability to absorb nutrients.

Additionally, multivitamins tablets are also important for patients who have gone through surgery that can affect their ability to get nutrients from food. They can also prove beneficial for pregnant women with additional nutrient needs. 

Multivitamins come in various forms. Usually, they are a specific combination of compatible nutrients or as a singular comprehensive supplement.

Although mega-doses do exist, doctors don’t reccomend them as they tend to interfere with nutrient absorption.

Nandi Supplements- Get the Essential Nutrients!

Essential Supplements For Everyone

After extensive research, these multivitamins have been developed using the same sources that were available in abundance a long time ago. The same is true for recommending the best multivitamins for men as much as it is for women.

They provide the necessary amount of nutrition needed and promote a healthy metabolism as well. These supplements consist of a comprehensive mineral-rich blend providing humans with high-quality nutrients.

Super Greens

These provide humans with a full spectrum of FODMAP-compliant superfoods without any added sugar.

Super Greens is a convenient nutritional shake that provides humans with all nutrients. It’s formulated from berries and vegetables, all of which influence balanced nutrition.

The formula is a combination of fruits and vegetable antioxidant blend that protects the body from radical damage. Additionally, there is a variety of 16 organic superfoods.

They are made from the best organically grown fruits and vegetables, rich in antioxidants and other nutrients necessary for protection against free radicals.

Immune Health

These supplements ensure on healthy immune function, supporting respiratory function, and inflammatory balance and maintenance.

They are a concentrated blend of nutrients that provide support for the body’s immune system. It primarily consists of quercetin, a bioflavonoid that assists in supporting the immune system. Additionally, its antioxidant capabilities offer protection from free radicals as well. Multivitamins also help recover immune health.

It also contains zinc and vitamin D, which are essential micronutrients for creating a powerful immune reserve. This combination promotes a healthy respiratory and immune system as well.

Soil and Nutrients – Conclusion

Although considerable progress in regards to linking soil and human health has been made over the last few years, a considerable chunk of information has yet to be discovered.

Extensive research is still something that needs to be done in this field. The main purpose of multivitamins and similar supplements is to fill in nutritional gaps that may occur due to medical or dietary complications. Hence, one should not become dependent on them.

The best source of nutrients is a balanced diet of whole foods. This is likely to ensure good health in the long term as well.

When taking multivitamins tablets, the dosage is something that should always be considered. Moreover, some supplements may contain ingredients that are not compatible with other medications . Due to this, it is necessary to speak to a medical professional before you start taking a new supplement.