Social Stress Ages Your Immune System, Study Finds

The current generation is subject to considerable social stress due to events like wars and the pandemic spreading around the globe. It has also started to affect our health and the aging process.

According to an NIA-funded study, social stress tends to arise from general discrimination and family problems. Consequently, it can contribute to the premature aging of your immune system, which plays a significant role in overall well-being.

The researchers studied the data provided by more than 5,500 people participating in this study. They came to many conclusions in regard to overall health conditions, and the effect social stress has on them.

The results formulated from the research showed that exposure to excessive social stress had a higher percentage of T-cells, which accelerate the overall immune aging process.

How does this affect the body?

Increased immune aging is linked to many chronic diseases, less protection from acute infections, and increased risk of pneumonia.

On the positive side, researchers also found that a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle can reduce the amount of stress and offset the accelerated immune aging process as well.

Other reasons why it’s so important we keep our immune system healthy

The immune system is a complex network of cells, tissues, and organs situated throughout your entire body, which is considered your defense system.

A healthy immune system can help eliminate many destructive pathogens, such as viruses and parasites before they spread disease throughout your entire system. Some doctors also recommend immune support supplements for the same.

What is the role of the gut on the immune system?

Microbes are tiny living things that exist all around us, but their microscopic size prevents the naked eye from seeing them.

Our body contains a significant number of microbes, building up a microbiome that is linked to the immune system. The immune system is dependent on these microbes, which help it stay operational.

Additionally, the immune system is responsible for determining the composition of the gut microbiome and creating an atmosphere suitable for good microbes to thrive properly. This is crucial to eliminate microbes that negatively affect the body.

What foods can we add to our diet to help our immune system?

Your diet and the nature of the food you consume can significantly affect not only your weight and energy level but your immune system as well.

Your diet and overall lifestyle directly impact the microbiome, affecting the diversity and composition of the bacteria within your gut, which also affects immune cells. Apart from good diet, experts also recommend some good immune support supplements.

The typical American diet consists of processed foods and ingredients that are high in sugar, which results in a reduced diversity of gut bacteria. This, in turn, promotes inflammation and chronic disorders and makes you less prone to infections.

Due to these reasons, nutrition is considered an essential part of your health because it is also suitable for immune function. An effective way to ensure that your body is receiving proper nutrition is to follow a healthy diet.

Not only is this good for maintaining your energy levels, but a diverse diet provides you with the nutrition necessary for a healthy immune system and microbiota.

Many different food ingredients, such as fermented foods and probiotics, help improve the microbiota and the immune system. Apart from this immune support supplements can also help in boosting the process.

What are some other things we can do to help our immune system?

These days, it’s easy for the body to experience stress. Due to this, it is essential to know of ways you can combat stress:

  1. Find your happy place – if you feel like too much stress is building up within you, take a step back, and spend some time with your family and loved ones for a change of pace.
  2. Take consistent breaks from watching or reading the news because constant involvement with traumatic events can result in a lot of stress.
  3. Research suggests that certain breathing techniques can affect your parasympathetic nervous system, which helps you stay calm in situations where you feel like a lot of pressure is on you.
  4. Regular exercise is a great way to relieve stress built up in your mind. Additionally, you can also improve your mood by regularly exercising.

What about supplements?

Although beneficial to your health, supplements should not replace food. They are not able to provide the human body with all of the essential nutrients and fiber that fruits and vegetables provide.

However, there are some situations where supplements may be useful for you. Supplements might work for you if you have a poor appetite, have trouble consuming nutritional food, or follow a very restrictive diet.

Introducing “Dr. Nandi’s Immune Support”

Immune support is a complex mixture of many nutrients, which are targeted to provide broad-spectrum support for your immune health.

Immune support contains many nutrients, including:


Its best known for its efficiency in working with free radicals due to the high amount of antioxidants Quercetin contains.

Studies suggest that Quercetin has immune system support capabilities, all the while assisting in the respiratory mucus excretion process as well.

Vitamin C

Like Quercetin, Vitamin C is also considered to be a great source of antioxidants, supporting the immune system as well.

Research data shows that this vitamin has a concentration of microphages. This improves lymphocyte and endothelial function, directly impacting the immune system as well.

N-Acetyl Cysteine

Like all the other medical ingredients contained within immune support, this is also rich in antioxidants. NAC has shown tendencies to support mucus clearance and normal respiratory function. In addition to that, NAC also offers protection for biological activity.


This is essential to maintaining immune system integrity and promoting healthy immune development. In addition, zinc can also support the body when the immune system is faced with difficulties and assists in healthy respiratory function.

Vitamin D3

Research has proven that a decline in immune function can eventually lead to Vitamin D deficiency. This affects respiratory health, and supplements containing vitamin D promote a healthy immune response.

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Social Stress: A Summary

Excessive social stress is not only bad for your physical health but also for immunity. It accelerates the immune system’s aging process, which can lead to cancer and heart disease.

Due to this, learning methods to control stress is also essential to your mental and physical health. A healthy, balanced diet supports your immune system and promotes a good microbiome.